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Panasonic Wall Split

A Panasonic Wall Split Inverter air conditioner system is a great way to heat and cool a single bedroom or living area. We have some great prices on Panasonic wall splits at present. We can offer quick installation times with competitive installation prices carried out by well experience trades people no job is too big or small.

Panasonic Wall SplitWe are now well into winter and the nights are starting to get colder. One of the most efficient ways to heat your home is reverse cycle air conditioning. This type of air conditioning system come in two forms.  Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning which heats and cools every room in a home. A wall split air conditioner which is ideal for heating and cooling a single room.

Panasonic Wall Split Through A Specialist network dealer

When choosing were to buy your your Panasonic wall split. I personally would buy from a specialist dealer instead of a retailer for 3 main reasons

  • The first reason is you will get advice from someone that only sells air conditioning systems.They understand the principals behind design and installation difference between different homes. It is not just another box going out the door and expect someone else to make sure the installation goes to plan. With a specialist dealer you are made aware of any potential problems up front and are costed into the job.
  • should  you have a problem with the system you have a contact point and you are not just a number in a large warranty department for the little money you may save initially it will cost you in the long run.
  • The installation is done by a company the distributor trusts to sell and install there product

So if you need any type of air conditioning call us for a great deal on 9271 8643 or email your plans to sales@airconditioningperthdiy.com.au and we will send through great price .

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