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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perth

Reverse cycle Air conditioning Perth is a great way to cool and heat your home. The weather is warming up and summer is fast approaching and now is the time to organise your install before the summer rush starts. A ducted reverse cycle system can be installed in you home in one day and can be tailored to suit your budget.

There are many great brands available on the market today Panasonic is one brand that is a very reliable and represents value for money you can install a fully ducted reverse cycle system from $7000.00. Panasonic also does a large range of split system air conditioning systems

A reverse cycle air conditioning system  has may different components that make up the complete system like flexible ducting when choosing your system make sure you ensure a good quality flexible ducting is used and the correct insulation is used. Another important part of your air conditioning system is the motorised dampers that are used once again there are different levels of quality I would recommend metal construction over plastic as the do not break or distort with heat.

When choosing a Reverse cycle Air conditioning system in Perth for your home you need to first work out your budget as this will help eliminate some options, you must also decide if you want to do any of the work associated with your installation  to save money you can do a lot of the install then get the qualified trades in at the end to commission your machine this will ensure your warranty is covered.

If you select the Diy option on your ducted air conditioning system we can provide all Flexible ducting layouts and machine selection free of charge if you would like any more information please call us on 089 271 8643

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