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Panasonic air conditioning Perth

Panasonic air conditioning Perth

reverse cycle air conditioning  perthWe have had a long hot summer breaking  records in lots of different areas. Plenty of sleepless nights, every house would have been wanting air conditioning to ease the discomfort. I believe air conditioning now days is a necessity in every home in Perth . I strongly disagree with Colin Barnett’s comments in the article air conditioners not necessary in Perth Barnett. This is clearly a person that spends most of his time at work in an air conditioned office or travelling in an air conditioned car.

The question you have to answer is what type of air conditioning will suit my needs,budget and fit my life style for me personally it is reverse cycle air conditioning. Having lived in Perth most of my life I have noticed in the last 5 years the weather pattern is slowly changing we are experiencing more humid days each year. We elected to install a Panasonic ducted air conditioning  system during last winter and was pleasantly surprised when we received our first power bill. We were spending over $200.00 on wood each month our power bill was half the price without the extra work like lighting the fire,stacking the fire wood and cleaning the mess up.

Panasonic ducted air conditioning  (my Opinion)

We elected to go for a 14 kW Panasonic ducted air conditioning system  with 10 outlets and 6 zones we removed an ducted evaporative air conditioning system. We have been impressed with the performance of the system and the ability to maintain temperature with in our home we are presently running our system at 24 degree and the machine is doing an excellent job. The retail price of our system fully installed would have been costed at around $10,500.00 the whole system was installed in 1 day

If you like more information on Panasonic ducted air conditioning Perth systems or Panasonic split air conditioners email me for a free quote    sales@airconditioningperthdiy.com.au

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