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Evaporative air conditioning Perth

Evaporative air conditioning Perth systems are well suited to Perth’s hot dry climate. A basic description of  Evaporative air conditioning cooling system is an evaporative cooler mounted on a sheet metal dropper mounted in a central position in your home, The sheet metal dropper has a series of large diameter lengths of flexible ducting splitting off into smaller sizes leading to outlets position in each room of your home.

Some of the advantages of Evaporative air conditioning Perth systems are, they move large quantities of fresh cool air through flexible ducting spread throughout your home. This forces stale air out of open doors and windows.

The hotter and dryer the climate the better performance you can expect. Evaporative celdek padair conditioning Perth systems Performs well in an open living environment and great for families that have kids running in and out of the house as there is no need to keep closing the doors.Evaporative cooling works on the principle of hot dry air passing through wet celdek pads which cools the air down. it is then pump through flexible ducting which runs through your roof space and enters the home through plastic air diffuser in each living space.

With the ever increasing cost of energy rising, the Evaporative air conditioning Perth systems are a lot more cost effective in running costs than reverse cycle ducted systems.

There are several things you need to consider before buying a ducted evaporative cooling system such as location if you live in a high risk fire area you may want to consider ducted reverse cycle as you do not have a exterior exposure on you roof that embers can get stuck in  some manufactures have available ember guards to suit there air conditioning units. Another thing to consider is where you have limited water or the water qualitiy is poor that is another down side for Evaporative air conditioning Perth

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