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Ducted Air conditioning in Perth

Ducted air conditioning in Perth

There are 3 main types of ducted air conditioning in Perth  the first is a ducted heatingducted air conditing in perth and cooling system commonly known as ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems .The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning  system consists on an indoor fan coil unit which is located in your roof  space and a outdoor condenser unit generally located down the unused side of your home. The air is then moved through your home through insulated flexible ducting and enters each through ceiling diffusers. The price varies from $6000.00 up to $25000.00 depend on the size of your home and the brand of air conditioning unit. It is best to organise installation before summer as you would pay up to $500.00 extra when summer is here.

ducted air conditioning in perth

The second is a Ducted Gas heating system which has a furnace located in your roof and is connected to either natural gas or bottled gas. The Temperature is controlled by a thermostat. Ducted gas heating systems have circular diffusers n each room and then recirculates the warm air back through your furnace. The furnace its self is a very inefficient form of heating but some salesmen will tell you it would go well with an Evaporative cooling system.

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The final type of  Air conditioning in Perth  system is a ducted evaporative cooling which is a water cooled air conditioning system here is a link with a great description evaporative air conditioning Perth. The evaporative cooling system is very cheap to run, cost of this system would range from $3000.00 up to $5500 depending on the size of the system. There are several things to consider before buying an  evaporative cooling system one is they use a fair bit of water so if you use tank water you may want to think again. If you live in a high fire risk area Reverse cycle air conditioning would be a better selection.

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