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Air conditioning Perth homes

With our weather constantly changing Air conditioning Perth homes is a must. A lot of west Australian building companies are now air conditioning Perth homes as part of there standard packages. Most of the time they are offering ducted evaporative cooling or ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. There are many different ways to  air condition your home in PerthAir conditioning Perth homes depending on your budget. Below is a few different options.

  • One of the cheaper options and very popular these days is a split system air conditioning unit. This system will heat and cool your home. The split system has an internal wall box mounted on the wall. It also has a condenser generally mounted outside. An indicative price on a  back to back install prices start from $1300.00 if you choose a quality brand.
  • Ducted Evaporative Air conditioning Perth is is a cheap form of cooling your whole of home. The main problem with this system is with the weather is constantly changing in Perth. We are now experiencing more humid days, this form of cooling doesn’t work very when air conditioning Perth homes. Another down side of this product is. It offers no form of heating. Ducted evaporative air conditioning is cheap to run and the initial capital cost is also cheaper with prices starting from $2800.00 fully installed.
  • Ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning is fast  becoming a very popular form of heating and cooling. Because there are no ugly boxes on the wall or in any of your rooms. Instead it has ceiling vents in each room with flexible ducting running throughout your roof space supplying each room  with either hot or cold air through an air conditioning vent. Prices would start from $6000.00 for a fully installed ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system using a quality brand.

Air conditioning Perth Homes Diy

If you are on a tight budget you could consider the diy option and do a huge portion of the work yourself.

So no matter what type of air conditioning you need in your home please feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote. We also service the Diy air conditioning market with either Ducted evaporative cooling systems or Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

We can Taylor the Air conditioning Perth system to suit you needs and budget in Perth send us an email sales@airconditioningperthdiy.com.au

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