Air conditioning Perth Specials

Air conditioning Perth specials

We have Air conditioning Perth Specials available for the month of February and March act quick now while stocks last. We have Panasonic wall splits starting from $750.00 and Panasonic ducted air conditioning diy systems starting from $5000.00. Depending on the design and size of your home and the type of service required.

Panasonic Wall Split

We also have some very competitive prices available on Samsung Wall splits and Samsung ducted air conditioning diy kits we will beat any genuine written quote by a $100.00.

We only useSamsung Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Special quality insulated flexible ducting made right here in Western Auastralia and Steel motorised dampers. for the month of February and march we will also offer free delivery in the Perth metropolitan area for any complete ducted  systems

We have great prices to have systems installed ,Part installation available or complete installation  you choose the level of service required. We have quality tradesmen available on request that can ensure your systems are installed to a high standard for a nominal fee.

Air Conditioning Perth Specials

The air conditioning Perth Specials will run out fast at these prices act now we can have systems installed in your home  within 7-10 days of deposit being paid in some case even sooner. We can deliver diy ducted air conditioning systems within 2 days of order being place in most cases, as a lot our Air conditioning Perth units are held in stock we also supply a complete Flexible ducting layout  and design tailored to suit your home and air conditioning needs.

Air Conditioning Perth SpecialsWe can supply any brand of ducted air conditioning system you want like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Samsung.

Most quality brands on the market come with a 5 year warranty so if you would like more information or would like a obligation free quote on our Air conditioning Perth specials call us on 08 9271 8643 for more information or email through your house plans to

Panasonic Perth summer special

Panasonic Perth summer special

Summer is on its way and the weather is starting to warm up we are expecting 32 deg Panasonic air conditioning perthin Perth on Saturday  so now is the time to act to stay cool for the coming summer and before the price of ducted air conditioning systems start rising. Panasonic have a great special starting in October to help move sales along. With selected models of ducted air conditioning system bought and paid for October, November they are giving a way a 42 inch HD LED LCD TV valued at $849.00 rrp conditions apply.

So now is the time to call us or send in your house plans to                                  for an obligation free quote we can offer several different levels of service from complete supply and install by well skilled contractors or we can supply a fully design Panasonic Perth summer special diy kit with all quality components that you can put in your self and save hundreds of dollars on the installation costs  depending  on the size of your system. we can also help out with the names of qualified contractors for the parts you are not qualified to do.

The air conditioning components used in our  ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth systems are supplied through a local Perth manufacturer who makes a high quality flexible ducting unlike some of the cheap imported product entering the market place. They also supply a high quality steel motorised damper once again unlike some of the cheaper plastic products available on the market.

So if your are installing air conditioning in Perth this summer don’t miss out on this great Panasonic Perth summer special on a quality product that will keep you cool or warm for years to come and if you act now you miss the summer rush and get a better quality installation as the weather is cooler

Air conditioning Perth

Ducted air conditioning Perth is a very efficient way of heating and cooling your home. air conditioning perth coolairDepending on your budget and what type of air conditioning you want  their  are several different types to chose from.

Evaporative Air conditioning Perth

The first and the cheapest to run would be a ducted evaporate cooling system prices start from around $3000.00 for a small home ad up to $5500.00 for a large family home. The system can be installed in a day and works very well in hot dry heat as the humidity increases the performance of the system reduces. On of the disadvantages of evaporative cooling as it does not heat hour home you have to add a gas furnace on to the system which is not a very efficient form of heating your home.

Reverse cycle Air conditioning Perth

Panasonic fan coilReverse cycle Air conditioning Perth is another option of heat and cooling your home Price range from $6500.00 up $18000.00 depending on the size of your home machine brand, number of outlets and number of zones and type of zone controller. Reverse cycle air conditioning has come a long way n the last 20 years with the introduction of the inverter it has made the running cost a lot more affordable. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is one of the most efficient forms of heating your home. It is also a very effective way of cooling your home no mater the humidity level.

There are many different brands available on the market as the old saying goes you get what you pay fr I would recommend staying with the more reputable brands like Panasonic Mitsubishi, Acton they are all proven products with great reliability I am speaking from 25 years of experience with the Air conditioning Perth industry.

The last point i want to make which a lot of people don’t consider is to think about air conditioning your home as a diy Project it can save you a lot of money we can help with all of the above options call us on 9271 8643 or email your plans to

Panasonic Wall Split

A Panasonic Wall Split Inverter air conditioner is a great way to heat and cool a single bedroom or living area we have some great prices on Panasonic wall splits at present. we can offer quick installation times with competitive installation prices carried out by well experience trades people no job is too big or small.

wall split panasonicWe are now well into winter and the nights are starting to get cold one of the most efficient ways to heat your home is reverse cycle air conditioning. This type of air conditioning system come in two forms Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning which heats and cools every room in home. Wall split air conditioner which is ideal for heating and cooling a single room.

When choosing were to buy your your Panasonic wall split I personally would buy from a specialist dealer instead of a retailer for 3 main reasons

  • The first reason is you will get advice from someone that only sells air conditioning systems and understands the principals behind design and installation difference between different homes. It is not just another box going out the door and expect someone else to make sure the  installation goes to plan. With a specialist dealer you are made aware of any potential problems up front and are costed into the job.
  • should  you have a problem with the system you have a contact point and you are not just a number in a large warranty department for the little money you may save initially it will cost you in the long run.
  • The installation is done by a company the distributor trusts to sell and install there product

So if you need any type of air conditioning call us for a great deal on 9271 8643 or email your plans to and we will send through great price .

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Panasonic Specials

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Panasonic Specials

Winter in Perth is fast approaching and the nights are starting to get colder now is the time to act, and buy and install a Panasonic Ducted air conditioning system. We have a great promotion running at present on there range of ducted air conditioning systems. We are discounting systems costs to help you with  your winter power bills. In my opinion it could not have come at a better time as here in Perth we are getting hit with further price rises in electricity.

If you would like more information on Panasonic air conditioning Perth promotion free to call us or if you would like a quote for ducted air conditioning email us through your plan. We Cater for all levels of service at Gmtair form supplying all the components to Perth’s air conditioning contractors to Supplying a fully designed system supplied as a Diy kit for all the well skilled handy men that are looking to save money on the overall project.

Panasonic We can also arrange a fully design and installed system to a high standard as we have access to the best air conditioning contractors in Perth that treat the job as if they where installing it in their own home. Our email address is or call us on 9271 8643. We only use high quality proven products supplied by Gmtair which have resulted in happy customers with problem free highly efficient Panasonic Air conditioning Perth systems.

Panasonic air conditioning Perth

Panasonic air conditioning Perth

reverse cycle air conditioning  perthWe have had a long hot summer breaking  records in lots of different areas. Plenty of sleepless nights, every house would have been wanting air conditioning to ease the discomfort. I believe air conditioning now days is a necessity in every home in Perth . I strongly disagree with Colin Barnett’s comments in the article air conditioners not necessary in Perth Barnett. This is clearly a person that spends most of his time at work in an air conditioned office or travelling in an air conditioned car.

The question you have to answer is what type of air conditioning will suit my needs,budget and fit my life style for me personally it is reverse cycle air conditioning. Having lived in Perth most of my life I have noticed in the last 5 years the weather pattern is slowly changing we are experiencing more humid days each year. We elected to install a Panasonic ducted air conditioning  system during last winter and was pleasantly surprised when we received our first power bill. We were spending over $200.00 on wood each month our power bill was half the price without the extra work like lighting the fire,stacking the fire wood and cleaning the mess up.

Panasonic ducted air conditioning  (my Opinion)

We elected to go for a 14 kW Panasonic ducted air conditioning system  with 10 outlets and 6 zones we removed an ducted evaporative air conditioning system. We have been impressed with the performance of the system and the ability to maintain temperature with in our home we are presently running our system at 24 degree and the machine is doing an excellent job. The retail price of our system fully installed would have been costed at around $10,500.00 the whole system was installed in 1 day

If you like more information on Panasonic ducted air conditioning Perth systems or Panasonic split air conditioners email me for a free quote

Ducted air conditioning is great for cooling summer is coming

Fujitsu ducted air conditioning is great for cooling summer is coming. Now is the time to act and beat the rush. We have great prices on complete Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems using high quality flexible ducting made right here in Western Australia. We also use a good quality steel constructed motorised damper.Fujitsu have a great promotion running from the 1/10/2012 till the 31/12/2012 with every ducted air conditioning system sold they are giving away a free Beefeater barbecue via redemption. so what are you waiting for email your plans to us for a competitive quote using high quality components. We can offer installation times of a week from time deposit is paid maybe even shorter. If a fully installed Fujitsu Ducted air conditioning system is not for for you, we can offer a Diy option that could save you up to $1000.00 depending on the size of your home. We supply you with a Flexible ducting layout and all the components you need with tips of the trade and friendly advice and service on how to install your system.

So email your plans now for a great deal to




Ducted air conditioning Perth specials available summer is coming

Ducted air conditioning Perth specials available summer is coming, we have a limited number available for a limited time  so act now. Beat the rush and have a Panasonic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning installed with in your with in a week with a guaranteed quality and service.We stock a large range of Panasonic air conditioning systems so we can deliver a short installation time with well experienced trades people.

We Can also supply  complete diy ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems at factory direct prices using quality proven components with locally manufactured high quality flexible ducting which will improve the efficiency and running costs of your system.

So if your are looking for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning we have a system to meet your budget email your plans to for a great deal we can offer many different brands  with quality components at competitive prices with honest advice.


Panasonic Air Conditioning Perth Diy Special

Panasonic Air Conditioning Perth Diy Special is a cost effective way of heating and cooling your home. Right now you have the opportunity to grab your self a great deal and save money on installation costs by buying a DIY ducted air conditioning kit.

Email us your house plans and we take all the guess work out by providing you a well designed ducted air conditioning layout. We only use high quality proven Products like Flexible ducting made right here in Perth. We use a high quality steel motorised damper. We have diy ducted air conditioning kits starting from $5000.00 we also have a list of reliable trades if you do not know an electrician we can recommend one we also have reliable refrigeration mechanics we can recommend one. So have a look at the great Panasonic Air conditioning Perth Diy special. If a Diy  system is not for you we can do a completely installed ducted system using reliable contractors that use quality components so email your plans to

Air Conditioning Perth Panasonic Special

We have a  great Air conditioning Perth Panasonic Special available for the month of August and September.With every Panasonic ducted air conditioning system bought and paid for in the month of august and September you will qualify to receive a free 32inch Panasonic led TV

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is one of the most efficient forms of heating available on the market today Panasonic offer an excellent ducted inverter product that heats and cools your home with whisper quiet operation.

We can offer The Air conditioning Perth Panasonic special in two formats the first being a Diy ducted air conditioning system With this option we do all the design and flexible ducting layout so it takes all the guess work away for you. It can help save you money on installations costs. the second option we can offer is a fully supplied and installed ducted air conditioning system.

We can offer a installation time of 72 hours from deposit being paid (weather Permitting) if we cannot honor this a further $200,00 will come off your final price no questions asked

We only use high quality components that have been proven and will stand the test of time. So call us now or email your plans for the best air conditioning Perth Panasonic special you will receive this year.